Monday, May 16, 2011

My bad

I just reviewed my "about me" page, and apparently, I promised to update 3x a week.  It hasn't worked out that way, has it?  To tell you the truth, it's been tough going.  I need to make knitting more of a priority in my life.  I would like to put in 40 hours/week, which is... we'll say 5.5 hours/day.  Yeah... that's a lot of knitting for anyone, especially when this particular knitter has 2 boys, one of whom is starting school next year, but has a bunch of meetings this month, to get USED TO school next year.

I have to suck it up, though!  Eventually, I'd like to have an etsy store... It costs 25$ to get a place!  I don't work, and haven't made any money yet for myself through knitting.  When I'm finished the Lover's Knot blanket for my friend, and she pays me, I will be getting my space, though.  Then it's going to be really real.  Until then, I have to keep working, and keep from going crazy!

They gave my son HOMEWORK!  Can you believe it?  He hasn't started school yet, but we already have a craft project to do... for tomorrow.  We had a week to do it, but since it was my hubby who went to the meeting and not me, I had no idea what needed to be done.  Apparently, he just has to make something recognizable and talk to the class about what he made. The project is taking some of that silk paper, tearing it and making balls of different colors, gluing it to a piece of paper. We're doing it today, after my 2.5 year old goes for his nap.

Hmmmm... that last part wasn't about knitting, was it?  Bah, it all comes back to things that are taking up my time instead of knitting.