Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm liking the look of the Pom Pom rug from Lionbrand.  For some reason, I can't get the pattern to pop up.


I finally got the pic and pattern to work, so here's the picture

and here's the web addy:

Half hiatus?

I haven't heard back from Love Drop yet about the new family, so in the meantime I'm going back to the Lover's Knot blanket I was working on before hand.  So while I'm not taking a break from knitting, I'm taking a break from the charitable knitting, until I know what I should knit!!!  I don't really want to start on something for a boy, and find out there are no boys in the family.  Or start something for a child and there are only adults. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here are the pics of my finished work... I apparently took 8 days to make 2 scarves and a backpack...  My hands are cramping lol.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update for Love Drop January Project

So, the delivery date for the January recipients is the 25th of January.  Here's where I'm at:

The Lilac Lace Scarf (that I finished in the fall) is going.
I finished the backpack the is going to their 12-year old girl
I'm 3/4 finished of the dark blue/electric blue striped scarf, that is going to one of the boys
I'm hoping to start the second scarf today.  I have not yet picked out a pattern, though I'm considering crocheting this one, in granny squares.  It's olive green, and dark forest green.  We'll see if I can't find something else, then I'll give the squares a try.  I hope to be finished by the 20th, and hopefully that will be enough time for them to receive it at the drop off center, to be delivered to the family's house.

If you would like to participate, you can check out the link I have on the sidebar.  It is definitely worth it, I'm having soooo much fun!!  Oh, and you don't have to knit something, they also accept gift cards, donations and such.

Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I'm putting the finishing touches on the backpack I'm making for Love Drops.  I have about 45" to go on the strap, and then sewing the whole thing, and I'm done!

Next up: 1 large-needled scarf, and 1 chenille scarf. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Drops

This is a repeat of my other blog, Undomestic Goddess.  I wanted to have it on my biz blog, and record it as one of my projects, one that I'm committed to for 12 months, maybe more.

I've recently joined the blogger network to promote Love Drop, a charitable organization designed to help one deserving family every month, with different goods and services, such as money, gifts, and - my own contribution -  hand made knits!  Sorry, I had to put it in.  I've been in contact with Nate and J Money, the founders of Love Drop, and offered my services for hand knits, and they seemed to be genuinely interested.  So I've picked out some projects to make.  The first recipients are a family of four, and so I'm making 2 scarves and 1 backpack, and I'm adding my Lilac Lace scarf to the pile of woolly goodness.  I'll be going into more detail on my HappyKnits blog (on the sidebar).

Go ahead and visit their site, it's a really great idea, and I'm excited to be part of it!

Notes on "originally posted" posts

So, some of you may have noticed that most (if not all) posts before this one have an "originally posted on" stamp.  My old website, over at Webs, is being moved, probably to Google Sites, so I'm just putting everything on this site here, it's easier this way.  From this point on, however, the posts will be up to date, and not re-runs :)

Also, a lot of the posts talk about pictures.  For now, I will direct you to my webs page photo album, until I update that as well.

Love Drops

Earlier today, I discovered a website called love drops, and they do something nice for a family that deserves it, for a total of 12 families for 2011.  Hopefully, they keep this going for next year, as well, because it's a great idea.  I wrote to one of the founders, asking if they could use some handknits for donation purposes.  Hopefully, I can help.  Also, I will be featuring them on my personal blog, Undomestic Goddess.

Drop by their site, there are lots of ways you can give back, and I'll let you guys know what becomes of my offer to help out by giving handknits.  Also, I will be calling hospitals in my area tomorrow, to find out if they will accept handknit donations of toys, baby clothes and blankets, to name a few.

Originally posted on January 9th, 2011

Finished with the holidays!

I don't know about you guys, but right after New Years, the Christmas tree starts to look like an eye-sore.  DH insists on doing the 12 days of christmas thing, so I had to wait until yesterday (the 6th) to take the tree down.  Eesh.  Anyways, moving on to knitting stuff and stuff...

To get me back into the hang of things (I sped through my knit prezzies, so I needed to take things slow), I started back up a few days ago with a very simple, but extremely cute Monster.  Here's how it came to pass:

I had my sis-in-law over, and she was sitting behind me on the sofa, watching the boys play a ps3 game.  I'm scrolling through knitting projects, looking for something simple to get started up with again.  I scroll past this loveable monster

And she kind of yelled out, saying how cute he was (he really is) and that she wants one.  So, I took it to heart, and after reviewing the pattern, I gave her a call and offered to make it for her.  Hers is red, and she wants pink Knobbles.  So far, I have knit the body and half the head.  My own pics will come soon.  It's really quite small, knit on double pointed needles, and it's a fast project.  I've spent 3 evenings on it (about 2 hours each evening) and I like what I see. 

In other news, I have so far been unsuccessful in finding the matching wool for the Lover's Knot Afghan I'm making for my friend (yes, the ONLY paying project I'm making as of yet... FML) so she said (very kindly, I thought) to just pick a different color and go with it.  I'm giving myself one more shopping trip, and then I'm getting something nice.  Lesson learned:  buy more than one huge ball of yarn when making an afghan.  The store may have several at the time of purchase, but you never know what will happen down the road.

Originally posted on January 7th, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

And because of this wonderful holiday, I have taken a slight hiatus from the work I was in the middle of (hexagons, Lover's knot afghan, Catch-all) and have started work on gifts.  The one that I started a year ago (and have not yet finished, eesh!) is my mum-in-law's sweater-blanket.  It's been a long time coming, and somehow, I finally managed to find the yarn I thought was lost to me forever.  So, I went back to it.  While I was knitting this, I was also making a scarf for my sis-in-law.  It wasn't supposed to be a scarf, though.  The pattern is called "versatility" and is absolutely gorgeous.  However, because of the yarn I ended up using, and the needles, the scarf was missing about 5" in width.  For a scarf, it doesn't really matter.  The thing about Versatility though, is that it isn't just any scarf.  It's also a cardigan.  And a  hood.  And a shawl.  And so many other things, I can't even remember... I think a victorian style t-shirt, too.  This is why width mattered so much.  It had to be wide enough to perform all these miracles, with the help of buttons and ribbons.  Oh man, it was gorgeous.  Anyway, I will give my sis-in-law the scarf, because it's still gorgeous.  It has a complicated cable in the middle, and mesh on each side and ends.  It's still nice and wide for a scarf, almost 15".  It's long enough to wrap nicely and keep her warm.

You can bet your ass I'm taking a second crack at this pattern, though!  Do yourself a favor and check it out with the pics of everything this simple scarf can do:

Happy holidays!

Originally posted on December 10th, 2010

About my mag

I have decided to publish my magazine once every 3 months, so I can devote enough time and attention to it, which is what my problem is now.  I can't seem to find enough time in my day to write, and I had made my publishing for every month, which was ambitious, to say the least.  And I have to cut this short now, because I have to take supper out of the oven, and get on with my evening.

Originally posted on October 10th, 2010

Just another Update

Quick update: I have completed about 6" of the Lover's Knot afghan.  So far so good, and I'm keeping up with my other work too, which, if you'll recall, I was worried about.  I'm going to update my calendar, once I calculate how long it took me to get the 6"... I think it was 4 days...  Anyway, take a look at the calendar to see.

Originally posted on October 2nd, 2010

Organization is Key

So, I have 3 projects on the go: The Patchwork Throw, that involves medium-sized hexagons, the Door Catch-all, which is a fairly large rectangle, with pockets that will be added at the very end, and the Lover's Knot afghan , which is a huge project that was ordered by a friend of mine.  This afghan was made even MORE huge, due to the fact that her bed is queen size, and the original pattern is for single beds, or for cuddling on a chair, reading.  So I added 4 panels, and made my needles larger.  I started yesterday, and I have 4 rows done, so I'm quite happy with my speed.   However, if I want to make a go of this business, and still maintain a liveable area, I need to prioritize, and organize.  So, I have squeezed those projects into my everyday schedule.  So, my plan is, everyday, I will finish one hexagon, work 5 rows of my Catch-all, and 1 hour of the Lover's Knot. Sounds pretty awesome, eh?

Right now, I'm excited to get to all my projects, but I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to do.  I started working out again 2 days ago, and I have to remember to keep the house tidy, the kids fed, bathed and entertained, do some studying on one course that DH is teaching and I promised I would keep up with, catalogue his poli sci books for insurance purposes, help my mum-in-law with her house at least once a week... What else??? Oh yeah, keep up to date with this blog, write in my 2 magazines (which includes interviewing a variety of people).. And I'm pretty sure I'm missing about 5 things, but you all get the jist of it, right?   Busy, busy girl.

Originally posted on September 29th, 2010


Ok, the pattern has been chosen for my friend's blanket.  It's Lover's Knot.  It has intertwined hearts, and x's and o's. It's one that I had made before, many years ago, for my mum-in-law.  I have to make adjustments, though, because her bed is larger than what the pattern calls for.  So I will either change the needle size, or add some panels.  I emailed the site that holds that particular pattern, and as soon as I get their take on this, I will get started.  Sooooo excited!

Originally posted on September 27th, 2010

Random Updates

Alright, so it's been a little while since my last blog post - almost a week, geez! - but to tell the truth, I don't have that much of an update for you, just a blog post of randomness.  It was my husbands' 30th birthday yesterday, so from wednesday on, I was cleaning, shopping, baking, knitting, working on my magazine, and the list goes on.  Weekends are always a bit slower for me, work-wise.  Maybe because DH takes the weekends off, so we try to do things together, or there's just this air of "relax, it's the weekend, do nothing!", so it's difficult to get into the swing of things.

Anyway, here are my knitting updates:  As many people may already know, I have my first paying project, from a friend who's supporting me in my endeavors and business-oriented goals.  I sent her a few blanket styles this morning by email, so I should be getting the green light once she makes her choice.   The wool is already chosen, and bought.  It's a beautiful blue, almost a periwinkle color, called True Blue Denim from Phentex.  It's Worsted (type of yarn), so it's perfect for bigger projects like blankets.  So more on that once I have the actual pattern.  Pictures, of course, will be forthcoming in the next 2 weeks or so, once I have enough on the needles to photograph.

My Patchwork Throw now has 14 hexagons.  Still going strong, though I'm also working on my

Door Catch-all: I've knit about 6" in a yarn that has 2 different shades of blue, so it looks strippey, which is awesome.  I wasn't expecting the stripe effect, but if goes really nicely, and looks great.

I also have another prospective buyer.  Crazily enough, it's my friend's boyfriend.  He would like a scarf, in red, blue and black.  No pattern on that yet, but he would look great in some unusual patterns, so I sent some his way to make a choice, if he really is serious about the scarf.  I think he is, but I'm not going to write him down in my ledger just yet.  You never know, it could jinx it!  Which reminds me, I have to go correct my ledger entrance for my friend.  She wants to pay more for her blanket than I had originally asked for.  I have awesome friends!

Originally posted on September 26th, 2010


I am currently designing my next project.  It`s a carry-all with pockets, that you hang on the back of a door.  It`s my own design, though inspired from the material ones.  I can`t wait to get started!  It should be a quick and easy project to make, to mix things up a little from the Patchwork Throw.  Don`t get me wrong, I still love making that thing, I just need to add something so I have a bit of change as I`m going along.

Originally posted on September 22nd, 2010

Pictures coming soon!

I recently went out with my friend/model, and we took pictures of the Lilac Lace Scarf and the Green Capelet.  She will send the photos to me soon, and then I will post them here.  I'm very excited, because the pics look great!  I'll put my 2 favorites on the main page, and the others will go in the photo gallery, in the projects album.

Also, this same friend has placed an order, my first real order since I started a month and a half ago!  It's for a blanket, with cables, though we don't know which cables, or which color(s).  I'm very excited to get started, though! 

Still working on the Patchwork Throw.  I have 12 1/2 hexagons.  Today was not a great day to work on it, since I spent the whole day cleaning my house, but tomorrow will be better, I'm sure.  I love how the hexagons are fairly small projects, and if I can JUST knit, it takes me maybe 2 hours to finish one.  Plus, it's 13 stitch pattern, in 4 different colors each, so it keeps everything interested.

Originally posted on September 19th, 2010

Soap Bag testimonial, no 1

I'm just getting feedback now for my soap bag, so here it is:  It's great for spreading soap, and using as a facecloth, but it's not quite rough enough to be used for exfoliating purposes. 

Review:  I might use hemp for a bath mitt further down the line for exfoliating.  Now, to get feedback from friend no. 2

Originally posted on September 19th, 2010

Soap Bag: The results

Alright, I said I would post the results to the soap bag I crocheted the other day, so here they are:

Day 1:  My guys were not big fans this first day.  Maybe the material was too scratchy for their sensitive skin.  I dipped my arm in the water to try it out as well, and I loved it!  The scratchy was just right, for normal adult skin, apparently.  It felt very nice and exfoliating. 
Day 2:  My oldest seemed to warm up to the bag a bit more, and decided he liked it after all!  I don't know if this was a result of the novelty wearing off, and it not being so new and scary any more, or if the bag itself softened up a bit, whatever it was, he did a 180 and I was pleased.

I have made 2 more bags, one for a friend, and one for my mum-in-law, for them to try and give feedback on.  They both requested the new blue yarn I bought, that has silver flecks in them.

Back to my Patchwork Throw!  Only about 40 hexagons to go!

Originally posted on September 14th, 2010

News from HappyKnits Mag

I have recently added a new feature for my beloved magazine, my second business-baby, if you will.  It's called Charity of the Month.  This month, I would like to feature Head Huggers, which is an organization that makes caps for those who have had hair loss due to chemotherapy.  I have sent my Q and A form to the creator, Sue Thompson, and am awaiting her reply.  I have found this great craft directory, and there, they have a special "charity" category, so I intend to use that, and go down their list, as well as do some research in my own area.  I'm very excited to have this new feature, I feel it is incredibly important to help those who need it, and guide them back to their feet with dignity.  My own charitable organization has taken a slight backseat, for now.  It was called Knitwear for the Homeless.  I believe you can still see my article here:

I hope to start it up again sometime soon, perhaps next year, when I'm a bit more settled with my site, magazine, and my oldest is in school.

Originally posted on September 13th, 2010

New Line

As the previous post indicated, I recently learned to crochet.  And by recently, I mean last night.  Because of my long years of experience with knitting, crocheting really wasn't that hard to learn.  I thought it would be, and it took me a few hours to get my groove, but I found it, and now I have completed 2 projects.  Since last night.  I'm just that awesome, folks.  That, and the projects were small and easy, but they were also fun to make.  I made a soap bag.  Anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's exactly as the name says.  A bag, that you can put soap into.  I had seen it in the same book I learned from, and made my first project, the flower.  I got it in my head that I would much rather use this for my kids, than using a facecloth.  I never seem to get quite enough soap on the darn things to do any good.  But with the bag, you use it "as is", meaning you leave the soap in this incredibly lacy bag, and wash your babies!  Then, you can hang it up on your tap with the drawstring holder.  It looks awesome, and I can't wait to use it!  (More on that later.  It looks like it would do an amazing job, but I don't know for sure yet.)

P.S. I added new pictures, including the soap bag and the colors of the sea set.  Enjoy!

Originally posted on September 9th, 2010


Yup, I've done it!  I learned how to crochet!  Yay me!  Well... in all seriousness, I learned at the same time as knitting (which was 15 years ago), but only knitting stuck.  Have you ever felt like you were missing out on something, simply because you didn't know how to do it?  I felt like that, for the longest time.  I would see the most awesome project, find out it was crochet, and feel mildly depressed and willing to throw things out the window.  Not really, but anyone who has learned one thing, but not the sister craft, knows how I feel.  The funny thing is, instead of just LEARNING how to crochet, I would bitch about the ridiculousness of using 1 hook.  How can anyone trust their stitches to so long an absence from needles?  Absurd! 

Yeah... That's what I did.  And I know I'm not alone among my Knitty friends, either!  So, I took out one of my learning books (for kids, don't judge me!), and I taught myself, in one evening.  At first, I couldn't understand why my gauge (or tension) wasn't working out!  For goodness sake, I had been knitting forever!  I know this stuff, and tension is perhaps the ONE thing that stays the same!  Turns out, I wasn't doing the right amount of yarn-overs to make the project loose enough to work on the next row.  So I managed to fix that, by re-reading the instructions.  Next, I tried all the stitch combinations (single, half-double, double, triple, slip stitch, etc.)  They all worked out well, though a little lopsided because I just tried them out one after another, unwilling to start from scratch for new stitches.  I AM a busy woman, after all!  Then, I made a flower.  First try was a disaster, because I didn't read the instructions properly.  Again.  But I took it apart, and started over, and now my boys are playing with my pretty purple flower, dipping it in yogurt and other fun stuff.  They like it, so whatever.

I'm happy I learned this long awaited new skill, and now (after a few more practice tries), I may be ready to add crochet projects to my very large list of order possibilities.  After I clean my house (told you I was busy!), I'm going to do some research, add crochet patterns, then work on my publisha magazine, for the October 2010 issue.  Be sure to catch it, it's sure to be awesome!

Oh, and thanks to whoever took the time to read this post, it was a biggie.  I really am very proud of myself for learning a new craft... Hope that part came through!

Originally posted on September 8th

New Pictures

I have finally taken the time to take pictures of some of my projects so far.  I have my Lilac Lace Scarf (though I haven't got a pic of it with my model/friend, because I haven't seen her in a while.  Maybe next weekend).  I also have my Zodiac Blanket up.  It's a little difficult to tell what the squares are.  For the record, they're all symbols of the Zodiac.  The blanket is not finished yet, I think I have 3 more signs to make, as well as the panets.  This project was one of my favorite to make, I don't know why I set it aside, but I recently found my patterns for it again, so I'll be continuing soon.  The hexagons (In pink) are for my Patchwork Throw.  That's what I have so far, and I started 3 days ago.  Really, even though there are increases and decreases, and I have to pay attention to the pattern, I can still easily finish 2 hexagons every day.

Next, I will be putting up pics of Toby the Triceratops, a little boy sweater from quite a while back, some baby booties, 2 blankets (that are currently in my mother-in-law's possession, don't even think of asking to buy them, she'll fight you for them!)  I would, of course, be more than happy to make more.  Just so you're warned.  Also, 2 christmas stockings, the Green Capelet, a Hello Kitty doll (also a present, and not for sale, though I can make another one), 1 or 2 blankets that I have... I think that's it...  You know, I'm looking back at this list, and thinking: I sure have made a lot!  Of course, some things I have given to friends and family, so I can't necessarily gather pictures of them all, but I'll do what I can.

Originally posted on September 4th, 2010

The Patchwork Throw, revisited

I took a second look at the throw I started, and was surprised to see that about half of the throw is material.  I don't have the right kind of material to put with this project, so I have decided to forego the material parts, and simply replace them with knitted hexagons.   The pattern gives a good number of stitch patterns, and I have chosen a few others to add to the project, so it's not all the same 4 patterns repeated over and over, only with different colors.  Oh yes, colors!  I'm making the throw with Dark Pink, Light Pink, Dino Blue (the same as the shades of the sea set), Light blue, Beige, Olive green and Light green.  I think that's it for now... As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be posting pictures as I go along.  Soon!

Originally posted on September 2nd, 2010

Starting up again

After much debate (I literally spent my day surrounded by new project possibilities) I decided to make the Patchwork Quilt.  It is a blanket, with pieces put together, in the shape of hexagons.  I was looking for a short project, that would be interesting, different, and have a great payoff.  I had originally planned to do something similar, but I realized I didn't have the right kind of wool.  The Patchwork Quilt looks quick and easy, with 4-5 different patterns, making up 22 hexagons.  I will be posting pics as I go along.

I still have not had a chance to look at great embellishments for my knits, but I'll be doing that soon.

Originally posted on August 29th, 2010


Lately, I've been consciously looking for inspiration with designs, and embellishments for my knits, and after a day or two of hard thinking, I was bombarded with tons of ideas.  I have not done my research yet, as I took a little (2-day) vacation.  It's my plan for today, though.  You know the t-shirts some men wear, that have big designs at the back?  Not the ones with bands of just words, the one's that are abstract and gorgeous (I guess you would find the same on women's shirts, just haven't seen so many).  I thought of looking through pics online of these designs, and trying to "convert" them stitches.   I got the same idea with tattoos.  (Again, with more pics, of before (the originals) and after (when it's on the knitting).  I may also look at abstract paintings, and get some color inspiration from nature, especially in the autumn.  Hmm... I might also want to make color swatches.  And wouldn't a quilt look lovely knitted in triangles? 

And, I'm off! 

Originally posted on August 25th, 2010


I'm very excited, because I have just found my camera!!!  I was upset, because I have been looking for that camera since July, and couldn't find it for the life of me.  I was with my mum-in-law yesterday, and I looked over and saw the silly thing on her desk!  It turns out, my Hubby asked her to hold onto it while we moved, and forgot to mention it to me.  He also forgot to get it back from her, even though she reminded him after we were settled.  Anyways.  I have it back, and I'm sooo happy!  Now I can take pictures of my knits as I go!  I'll take pics of the Sea Set, and then, once I get together with my friend/model, I'll take a pic of the Lilac Lace Scarf.

BTW, I'm still working on the Sea Set.  I've got a cloth and a half left to make, then I'm finally ready to move on to my Shades of Pink set.

Originally posted on August 25th, 2010

Monday, January 10, 2011

Finishing up past work

So I was riffling through my ginormous stash of yarn today, looking for a beige ball or two to make a cover for my Mum-in-Law's couch, when I came across 3 or 4 nearly-finished projects.  One is a blue sweater with cables that I had started for my firstborn, and he outgrew it before I finished.  I have one sleeve to make and then make it up.  I'll sell that one, as it doesn't really have any sentimental significance.  I also saw a baby hat for my second born.  Again, never worn, so I'll sell that too.  It's a lovely light green color, with earflaps.  I am going bind off a lovely forest green capelet I had started ages ago, and I just discovered.  It's just reaches the elbows, which is the perfect length for those autumn evenings sipping coffee on the gallery, or for taking out to a ball game late at night, when the weather is a bit cooler.  The final item, I have honestly no idea what I could use it as.  It was originally a blanket, but it was one of my first attempts, way back in the day, and I simply did a bind off, and let it be.  So I'll have to think on that one, because it's a toughy.  I'll let you know... It might turn out to be a great placemat!

Originally posted on August 19th, 2010

Magazine News

I updated some of my HappyKnits magazine information, making it a bit more presentable for the first publication coming up.  So far, I don't have anyone signed up for it, but I'm determined to keep going.  I'm so deep in this whole knitting business, I don't even WANT to find a way out of it.  Too enjoyable!  Anyways, back to the mag.  I have sent my first prospective interviewee (is that even a word?) my questionnaire.  I have chosen Spud and Chloe, because it is an awesome site, and they have stores, selling kits, knitting materials, patterns, all that lovely stuff.  So, I hope they write back, and don't think I'm some crazy person and ignore me.  We'll see.  I think I've given them enough time to write back... though, thinking back, I think I forgot to write the publication date on the email... *facepalm* Oh well.  I'm sure I gave them enough time to answer 16 questions!

Also coming on the magazine, are reviews on knitting books, websites, and patterns.  I will be looking through my own collection first, and I have to brush up on my bibliography method, so I don't cause anyone to sue me by accident.  That would be bad.  Really looking forward to getting started!

Originally posted on August 18th, 2010

Quick Note

Ok, just a quick note and recap before I contine with my work.  I am still making those three washcloths.  The CastOff Twirl, and the Starfish Cloth are finished, and I am going to start the Baby Starfish cloth today, at the doc's appointment.  (Always working, eh?)  Anywhoo, all 3 are lovely blue-green, though more on the blue side.  That's set no. 1.  No. 2 will be those 3 cloths, but in green.  No. 3 will be those same cloths again, but with a combination of the dark blue, light blue, and green.  I also plan on making a ... shall we say, more "girly" set, once I'm finished this project.  This next set will be light pink, dark pink, and another combo.  I can't wait to see these new colors in action! I already have them picked out, and they're from my own personal collection, so I just know they'll look great!

Ok, I'm off, and I will be writing again soon, possibly wednesday.  Lots of new ideas swirling around in my head, including a hexagon theme... I'll let you know!

Originally posted on August 16th, 2010

Too Soon?

Ok, perhaps it was a bit too soon to put up a contest when my site/business was only 3 weeks old.  That's ok, though.  So, for now, since no one has signed the guestbook and therefore cannot win any prizes, I'm going to put a hold on the contests, until I have at least a few names in the guestbook to choose from.  I'll leave the Lilac Lace Scarf as a contest prize, to be won when the contest gets the green light (again).  However, I will not be making other projects specifically for the contest, just for sale.  On that note...

I'm currently continuing on my washcloth fetish.  You know, the three washcloths I posted a few days ago?  Well, not with pics, I can't seem to find my camera at this moment, but soon.  I made the CastOff Twirl, which was awesome, it kind of looks like a saw blade.  I'm one "arm" short of finishing my Starfish Washcloth.  It will be done at some point tomorrow, seeing as how I can barely keep my eyes open anymore, I'm so tired.  Next up is the BabyStar Washcloth (like the starfish, but with shorter arms).  I'm thinking of making duplicates of these three, but with different colors, and combinations of colors.  I'm so pleased with the result!  I even saw the Hubby look at them with interest, and for the most part, he simply tolerates my hobby, so it was pretty exciting.

Originally posted August 15th, 2010

3 new projects

I have chosen the new project(s) that I will be making over the next few days.  I will make 3 washcloths, each one a variation of a star.  I will probably make sets of them.  I'll see how the knitting goes, but I really don't think it will take me more than 1 night to make at least 1 cloth, maybe even 2.  I'll post pictures as soon as they're made.

Originally posted on August 11th, 2010

More News

I finished the lilac lace scarf yesterday.  It looks really great, I'm very pleased with the result!  I'm still in the process of choosing my next project, it's taking a little longer because I decided to catalogue my entire collection of patterns.  I have some seriously gorgeous ones, and I can't want to get them up here!  More on that later!

Originally posted on August 10th, 2010

For Tomorrow

Tomorrow is officially my first research date.  As you may already know, I already put a good 20 or so projects in my photo album, that I could make.  I plan to add another 30 tomorrow, as well as choose my next project to make and sell.  I have no idea what it will be yet, but it will be good, I can promise you that!  I'll update this post after my research is successful, and my choice(s) are made.

*Note to self:
Add due dates of projects to calendar once the "timing" and estimating is done.

Originally posted on August 7th, 2010

Technicalities Done

By technicalities, I of course mean all the invoicing and receipts, order forms, ledgers and all that business stuff.  Many excell files, all in my folder, and I'm ready to take orders!  (seriously... check out the Order Form page, I'll get back to you within 24 hours, at most).

Yeah, that's my news for the website.  I sincerely hope that is the end of all the new pages, tweaking of pages, and what not.  From now on, I hope to use the blog for a regular update on whatever project I'm working on at the time.  We'll see what tomorrow brings, you just never know, I might have a magnificent idea on what to add next.

Oh, and this is makes (almost) one week, since HappyKnits was founded.  And said I have the most highest rated *new* website.

*new* i.e. from this week.  I have no idea how many people have started a website with this week, I suppose it's possible that I would be the only one... I'll take it as a victory, nontheless.

I will talk again soon, hopefully when I finish my project, and to let you know what the next contest item will be, and my next spec. order will be.  So far, no one has written to ask for a spec. order, so I will pick one myself, and simply put it up for sale, and see if anyone is interested.

I have found an online timer, to time myself on how long it takes to complete a pattern, instead of entering in every time I go back to knitting (which can be for 10 minutes at a time, depending on the night! That would get tedious fast!)  So, here's an example of how I calculate how long it takes to complete a project.

The Lilac Lace Scarf: the pattern has 4 rows.  I used a "stop watch" and knit the 4 rows at a regular pace.  It took me 3 minutes and 48 seconds.  I rounded it off to 4 minutes.  Then, I counted how many of the 4-row pattern I completed (easy to tell, because there is a ridge in the scarf for every 4 rows completed.  There are 30 ridges.  So, in all, I have spent 120 minutes.  Pretty cool, huh?  So I'm going to do that for every project, to estimate how much time I have until I finish a project, and how much time I put into it.  Be a nice thing to put on the receipt, so the person knows about how their order was made!  Maybe with some pics of the process.  I think that may add a personal touch.  I'll let you know!

Originally posted on August 6th, 2010

Tweaking up

Just added an order form for special orders.  Very excited!  I'm looking forward to finishing the Contest Item, and getting started on some special projects.  I have to include a list of the photos in the photo gallery and where they come from.  I think the people who designed these projects should get their due, don't you?  (if one of these wonderful designers are looking at their pic, and wondering "What the hell?", just remember, I fully intend to link up!  Don't sue me!)

The Lilac Lacy Scarf now wraps (and overlaps) around my neck.  A dozen or so inches, and it'll be ready!

 Originally posted on August 5th, 2010


Hey all!  Thought I would get you up to date on some news.  I've added a magazine site that I created a few weeks ago, that I found through facebook.  It's from a company called "publisha", and I'm excited to get started!  I plan on writing about knitting (of course), but I would also like to interview other knitters, to find out about their love of knitting.  I have also asked my lovely model if she would like to co-author and write a couple of book and movie reviews.  (I say model, because it just wouldn't do to just lay my wonderful projects on a table to take pictures, would it??  No, I have to have my beautiful friend model them for you!  I'm so glad she agreed to do it... now if only I can get some knits to put on her in the first place!).  The HappyKnits Magazine will be published the 1st of every month.  Sign up, if you would like to get a copy sent to your email.  Just go to the link on the right-hand side.

Speeking of... I have went through my knits today, and discovered all the beautiful yarn I have.   I'm so glad I'm not dependant on making sales to start knitting!  I can start knitting, THEN sell what I've made, then take orders from the sales!  Oh, also, I found my zodiac afghan, the one I enjoyed making so much!  It's nearly done... I'm missing 2 or 3 squares, and a border.  As soon as I get back to it, and finish, I'll post a picture!  I'll probably take an order on that one!  I'd like to keep the original.  It was so easy to make, I'm sure it won't take long to make more!  I found some booties that I made for Aidan (another one I won't sell), but it made me think that many of the Prize projects I could make could be (at least in the beginning) small, and I could make many, so I'll be caught up enough to start making my sale items.

I updated my calendar, by the way.   I've added the dates for my magazine publishes, and also for the days I've assigned myself to research knit items (for sale, and for prizes).  I plan on continually updating my calendar, as I carve more time out of my day to devote to my fledgling business.  And now, I have to move on to my household works, and knitting the Lilac scarf.  It's got about 12 inches on it already, and I started yesterday!  It's turning out to be a gorgeous pattern!  It looks like waves, and seashell pattern.  I'll post a picture of the progress as soon as I have a bit more on it!

Originally posted on August 3rd


Another general update... I just enhanced my contest page, and have chosen my first prize!  It's a lilac-colored scarf!  I haven't chosen the actual pattern yet, but once I do, I'll put the picture up in the contest page, so you can get an idea of what it will look like!

Originally posted on August 1st

More to come!

I have created a Facebook page, and updated all my contact information (just go to the home page, scroll down to the "follow me" section.  I will be sprucing up my site little by little.  The next thing I plan to add is a Photo Gallery, with a specific album to give you some idea of things that I have created in the past (some things are no longer possible to photograph, because they have been given away, and are in a different country.)  And as soon as I find my camera, I will take pictures of the things that I have here, like Toby the Triceratops.

Thanks for your patience!  Hopefully I will only need a few days to get this site fully operational, and then I can get down to actually knitting...

Originally posted on August 1st, 2010


Today, I added a guestbook and a contest page!  They are closely linked, of course, as I will only be able to choose from a list of members, and what better way of doing this then having everyone sign!  (and hopefully write a message!).  I'm going to sign off for now, it's barely 8am and I seriously need to get my other stuff done, so I can still say that I can do all the work that I've set for myself.

Next up:  Pics of past knits, and my list of online (and regular) books, to add to the list of things I can make.

Originally posted July 31, 2010


Hello all!  This is my first post on my first business website.  So far, I have only had 4 visits to my site (yes, I counted, I'm allowed!) and I believe those are from the friends that I asked to visit and give me some feedback.  Whatever, it's only been up for 4 hours.  And I don't have anything to sell yet, so the point is moot.

Coming up:
I'm adding new features to the site all the time (I've literally been working on it since I started, and my boys are starting to go a bit nuts).  I'm going to have to stop for tonight, because it's bath/bedtime, and I may or may not continue to tweek my brand new site later tonight. 

I seem to be making a whole lot of work for myself.  Let me explain.  I have set a time for myself to restart P90X (I stopped a few months ago, for reasons beyond my control) on august 1st.  So, soon.  Very soon.  That's 1 hour of my day taken up (some days, 2), and though I'm looking forward to it, I can't help but think I should have paced myself.  Also coming up on the 1st: Starting to write my book.  I KNOW!  I've always wanted to write a book, and I have a constant stream of ideas running through my head, so much so that I think I may explode if I don't get them on paper (a.k.a my computer screen).  That's another 2 hours (or 1 page, whatever comes first, and depending on the day, more or less, hopefully more!).

Thankfully, I've already outlined plans for the day, and along with my housework and childcare, I will devote parts of my day to my "works", as my four-year old puts it.

Originally posted July 30, 2010