Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charitable organizations

As many already know, I've been involved with Love Drop since January (I know, forever, right!?)  I'm still planning on sending some knits over when I can, but it's actually really expensive (to the tune of 25-30$) just to send something over to the states, where they are based.  They have, however, given me the encouragement I need to look into some charities closer to home to give to.  After extensive research, I have called 6 organizations, and am looking forward to making donations to them :)

Without further ado, here are my picks:

- St-Willibrord's church (I'm expecting a call back from them, but I'm hoping to participate in their arts and crafts bazaar in the fall, with donations and raffles and fun times!)

- Old Brewery mission  (homeless shelters)

- Auberge Transition  (a women and children center)

- Logifem (for women in difficulty)

- Passages (for girls who are runaways, prostitutes, or considered at-risk for becoming prostitutes)

- Dans la Rue (for homeless kids and young adults (ages 15-25)

I'm not sure exactly how often I will donate to each charity, or if I can even MAKE donations to each one, and keep up with knitting something for Love Drop every now and again, and knitting the blanket I was commissioned to do (I'm a 1/3 of the way done, btw)

Oh, and if anyone thinks - like me - that these are worthwhile charities, you can always look them up and see if your community has anything similar, and by all means, go for it!  I'm off to get patterns, and choose wool.

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