Monday, January 10, 2011

Magazine News

I updated some of my HappyKnits magazine information, making it a bit more presentable for the first publication coming up.  So far, I don't have anyone signed up for it, but I'm determined to keep going.  I'm so deep in this whole knitting business, I don't even WANT to find a way out of it.  Too enjoyable!  Anyways, back to the mag.  I have sent my first prospective interviewee (is that even a word?) my questionnaire.  I have chosen Spud and Chloe, because it is an awesome site, and they have stores, selling kits, knitting materials, patterns, all that lovely stuff.  So, I hope they write back, and don't think I'm some crazy person and ignore me.  We'll see.  I think I've given them enough time to write back... though, thinking back, I think I forgot to write the publication date on the email... *facepalm* Oh well.  I'm sure I gave them enough time to answer 16 questions!

Also coming on the magazine, are reviews on knitting books, websites, and patterns.  I will be looking through my own collection first, and I have to brush up on my bibliography method, so I don't cause anyone to sue me by accident.  That would be bad.  Really looking forward to getting started!

Originally posted on August 18th, 2010

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