Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures coming soon!

I recently went out with my friend/model, and we took pictures of the Lilac Lace Scarf and the Green Capelet.  She will send the photos to me soon, and then I will post them here.  I'm very excited, because the pics look great!  I'll put my 2 favorites on the main page, and the others will go in the photo gallery, in the projects album.

Also, this same friend has placed an order, my first real order since I started a month and a half ago!  It's for a blanket, with cables, though we don't know which cables, or which color(s).  I'm very excited to get started, though! 

Still working on the Patchwork Throw.  I have 12 1/2 hexagons.  Today was not a great day to work on it, since I spent the whole day cleaning my house, but tomorrow will be better, I'm sure.  I love how the hexagons are fairly small projects, and if I can JUST knit, it takes me maybe 2 hours to finish one.  Plus, it's 13 stitch pattern, in 4 different colors each, so it keeps everything interested.

Originally posted on September 19th, 2010

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