Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News from HappyKnits Mag

I have recently added a new feature for my beloved magazine, my second business-baby, if you will.  It's called Charity of the Month.  This month, I would like to feature Head Huggers, which is an organization that makes caps for those who have had hair loss due to chemotherapy.  I have sent my Q and A form to the creator, Sue Thompson, and am awaiting her reply.  I have found this great craft directory, and there, they have a special "charity" category, so I intend to use that, and go down their list, as well as do some research in my own area.  I'm very excited to have this new feature, I feel it is incredibly important to help those who need it, and guide them back to their feet with dignity.  My own charitable organization has taken a slight backseat, for now.  It was called Knitwear for the Homeless.  I believe you can still see my article here:

I hope to start it up again sometime soon, perhaps next year, when I'm a bit more settled with my site, magazine, and my oldest is in school.

Originally posted on September 13th, 2010

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