Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello all!  This is my first post on my first business website.  So far, I have only had 4 visits to my site (yes, I counted, I'm allowed!) and I believe those are from the friends that I asked to visit and give me some feedback.  Whatever, it's only been up for 4 hours.  And I don't have anything to sell yet, so the point is moot.

Coming up:
I'm adding new features to the site all the time (I've literally been working on it since I started, and my boys are starting to go a bit nuts).  I'm going to have to stop for tonight, because it's bath/bedtime, and I may or may not continue to tweek my brand new site later tonight. 

I seem to be making a whole lot of work for myself.  Let me explain.  I have set a time for myself to restart P90X (I stopped a few months ago, for reasons beyond my control) on august 1st.  So, soon.  Very soon.  That's 1 hour of my day taken up (some days, 2), and though I'm looking forward to it, I can't help but think I should have paced myself.  Also coming up on the 1st: Starting to write my book.  I KNOW!  I've always wanted to write a book, and I have a constant stream of ideas running through my head, so much so that I think I may explode if I don't get them on paper (a.k.a my computer screen).  That's another 2 hours (or 1 page, whatever comes first, and depending on the day, more or less, hopefully more!).

Thankfully, I've already outlined plans for the day, and along with my housework and childcare, I will devote parts of my day to my "works", as my four-year old puts it.

Originally posted July 30, 2010

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