Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey all!  Thought I would get you up to date on some news.  I've added a magazine site that I created a few weeks ago, that I found through facebook.  It's from a company called "publisha", and I'm excited to get started!  I plan on writing about knitting (of course), but I would also like to interview other knitters, to find out about their love of knitting.  I have also asked my lovely model if she would like to co-author and write a couple of book and movie reviews.  (I say model, because it just wouldn't do to just lay my wonderful projects on a table to take pictures, would it??  No, I have to have my beautiful friend model them for you!  I'm so glad she agreed to do it... now if only I can get some knits to put on her in the first place!).  The HappyKnits Magazine will be published the 1st of every month.  Sign up, if you would like to get a copy sent to your email.  Just go to the link on the right-hand side.

Speeking of... I have went through my knits today, and discovered all the beautiful yarn I have.   I'm so glad I'm not dependant on making sales to start knitting!  I can start knitting, THEN sell what I've made, then take orders from the sales!  Oh, also, I found my zodiac afghan, the one I enjoyed making so much!  It's nearly done... I'm missing 2 or 3 squares, and a border.  As soon as I get back to it, and finish, I'll post a picture!  I'll probably take an order on that one!  I'd like to keep the original.  It was so easy to make, I'm sure it won't take long to make more!  I found some booties that I made for Aidan (another one I won't sell), but it made me think that many of the Prize projects I could make could be (at least in the beginning) small, and I could make many, so I'll be caught up enough to start making my sale items.

I updated my calendar, by the way.   I've added the dates for my magazine publishes, and also for the days I've assigned myself to research knit items (for sale, and for prizes).  I plan on continually updating my calendar, as I carve more time out of my day to devote to my fledgling business.  And now, I have to move on to my household works, and knitting the Lilac scarf.  It's got about 12 inches on it already, and I started yesterday!  It's turning out to be a gorgeous pattern!  It looks like waves, and seashell pattern.  I'll post a picture of the progress as soon as I have a bit more on it!

Originally posted on August 3rd

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